Fall 2014, Off to Nepal

Post #1 Fall, 2014


I’m off to Nepal tomorrow, November 4, 2014, and I invite you to come with me as I blog about my experiences. I am going on behalf of Himalayan Development Foundation, the nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization fellow trekker, Jay McMahon, and I founded after our first trek to the country in 2009. Jay and I will be traveling together on this trip. The third member of our team, Linda Sollars, has suffered a knee injury and, unfortunately, will not be able to come along.


We are very excited about this adventure, as we will be helping to build the first EcoSan composting toilet in Chhulemu, a small village in Taksindu, which is a district in the Solukhumbu Region of Nepal. In addition we will be finishing up our Skylights for Schools project.


Several people have expressed concern for me in light of the recent blizzard and avalanche in Nepal that killed several trekkers, all as reported in the media. That tragedy happened in the west of Nepal; we will be in the east. Those freak weather conditions and accompanying deaths occurred at or near a mountain pass at 17,500 feet. We’ll be in the foothills, at about 8,500 feet where snow only falls in January and February.


November is a perfect time to go to Solukhumbu, Nepal–the days are warm and sunny, rain hardly ever falls, and the mountain air is clean and pure. I’d like to share it all with you.



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