Fall 2014, On to Chhulemu

Post #2 Fall, 2014


I’m reminded of the story I’ve been told about what my father said to my mother on the morning I was conceived: “I’ve got to make this quick, Dear. I’ve got places to go.”


It’s November 6, 10:30 PM Nepal time and I’m writing this from a Kathmandu hotel room where Jay and I landed three hours ago after forty-one hours of traveling since we left Denver. I don’t know how many time zones we’ve passed through, but thanks to a long layover and plenty of sleep in Doha, Qatar, we’ve pretty well beaten the west-to-east jetlag thing.


We will be picked up by Phurwa Sherpa tomorrow morning at 5:00 AM. The van then will stop to pick up four other trekkers, Jesse, John, Celia, and Ilse from their hotel and then all of us, plus our gear, will head to the airport. At 7:00 AM we’ll take a thirty minute flight to Phaplu where our trek begins.


I’m excited. I look forward to breathing the fresh air of the Himalayas, those mountains that explode with mystic majesty. I’m anticipating the home cooked meals of fresh vegetables prepared in traditional Sherpa dishes that delight the senses. And, of course I’m eager to meet old friends and forge new relationships with people I’ve yet to meet.


For HDF this will be a new beginning as we build our first composting toilet. It goes without saying I look forward to representing many of you as we do good by improving the quality of lives for some of Asia’s poorest.


Most likely, I’ll be away from the Internet while I’m in Chhulemu, so it may be a while before I’m able to post again.




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