Chhulemu – Adopt a Family

What follows is a short profile of all 30 Chhulemu families who were forced out of their homes by the earthquakes this past spring. We invite you to select one of these families and make a gift of $4000 to cause the rebuilding of that family’s home and, helping to rebuild their lives as well. You will note each family is given a number, 1-30 and that numbering system is intended to approximately rank in the order of severity the level of damage each family’s home suffered, with #1 being damaged more than the rest. We are awaiting the final report of our engineer to tell us exactly how many homes will need to be torn down and rebuilt, but preliminary indications suggest at least 1-16 will fall into that category. The rest will need to be repaired and retrofitted to make them earthquake resistant.

Please read the villagers’ stories and select one family you’d like to adopt. We will give appropriate recognition to donors who step forward.

1. Chhokpa
2. Dorji
3. Pasang and Domi
4. Kale and Urken
5. Kanchhi
6. Dawa and Kandu
7. Rinji Widow
8. Ngima Onjchhu and Chhechi
9. Kanchha and Lhemi
10. Sarki and Pasi
11. Tendi and Kanchhi
12. Ang Babu
13. Riphuti
14. Lhakpa
15. Dawa
16. Dolma and Nomgyal
18. Tendi and Yandi
20. Tendi
21. Kancha
29. Dorji and Pema Diki