Rinji Widow

Rinji a widow, along with Kanchhi daughter 35, and son Kanchha 22, lived in a three story house. Sons Ongel 26, Phurwa 30 all live elsewhere. In the rebuilding Rinji wants a house with two stories.

“I was in the pasture when the first quake hit and I noticed the cattle were very scared,” Rinji said. “I saw all trees around me were shaking, and I heard a deep rumbling. When the second quake occurred I was harvesting barley.”

She, Kanchhi, and Kanchha moved out of their house after the first quake and have been living in a temporary shelter ever since. She now stores grain in the house, but spends very little time there.

“The third quake caused the most damage and had a greater impact on us. All three of us were very terrified and our bodies shook uncontrollably,” she explained. “One of my children could not eat for two days and none of us could sleep for days. We are now less afraid and we are all able to sleep and eat.”