Riphuti, widow lives with her sons, Lhakpa 11, and Chhiring 18 in their 2 story house

Riphuti was inside her house both times, with Lhakpa in school. Chhiring was in Kathmandu for the second quake, but in Chhulemu for number 1.

“Both times I was making tea, and when the quakes hit, I ran out of house,” Riphuti said. “Outside I saw my house swaying back and forth, sideways and moving up and down. It was frightening.”

After the second quake, the family moved into a temporary shelter where they remain. She’s still afraid of another quake, and never wants to go inside her house. The temporary shelter is where she wants to stay, at least for a while. Is fine as long as she stays in shelter/out of house, afraid when she goes inside.

She’s not scared of aftershocks, but is afraid of another big quake yet to come. She has no idea when things will return to normal, and she doesn’t even know what that means.