Namgyal and Dolma

Namgyal and Dolma
Namgyal and Dolma, husband and wife, together with their son, Lhakpa 5 and daughter, Pasang 16 months live in a 3 story house owned by Dolma’s Uncle Dawa who lives in Colorado.

3 story house owned by uncle—not part of 12

Not jealous or concerned that some will get new houses and others not.

Dolma was in her home when earthquake one struck and it terrified her. Namgyal was in Katmandu at the time and with both of them they witnessed everything shaking uncontrollably. Namgyal and Dolma were harvesting barley in their fields when the second one hit. They both looked back at their home and saw it swaying and moving up and down.

Namgyal was home for a visit and was about to leave to go back to Saudi Arabia to do construction work to earn money for his family. He said he was worried for his family knowing in a few days he would have to leave.