Pema Diki and Dorji

Pema Diki and Dorji, husband and wife have daughters Kanchhi 14, Lhakpa 12, and Mingmar 20 live at home, while daughter Ngima 22 lives in Kathmandu.

“I Worry all the time about next quake, never knowing when it will come,” said Pema Diki. “Not just me, but my daughters and my husband worry constantly, especially when we are separated. We only go inside the house to cook, and the rest of time we stay outside in our temporary shelter.”

She went on to explain that the aftershocks cause more damage, with the cracks become more and bigger, and with every aftershock they are re-traumatized again and again. Any sound will startle them, causing them to move out of the house if they are inside.

“The sounds at night will especially trigger a fear and a need to flee. All the villagers seem to be suffering. I could not walk for 3 days following quake and I could not concentrate. There was nothing wrong with my legs, they just wouldn’t work,” Pema Diki explained.

When second quake hit, the family was in the field below the house. They looked up and the house was swaying, and so were the trees, the rocks. Everything.