Toilets in Taksindu

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Chhulemu is a village located in the Taksindu District of the Solukhumbu Region of Nepal and consists of twenty-eight subsistence farming families. It’s the village where HDF’s Skylights for Schools program began. Don visited the village on his trek in the fall of 2013 and conducted a needs assessment meeting with the villagers. They unanimously told him they wanted better toileting and improved farming methods. Our mission for both the near term (better toileting) and long term (improved farming methods) was set.

Currently, villagers use outhouses built on the sides of hills, with human waste being deposited directly on the ground below. By moving away from that toileting method, the village could eliminate the potential of public health risk through ground water contamination and other means, and improve personal hygiene.

We researched best practices for improved toileting in developing worlds and learned about the EcoSan* composting toilet, currently being deployed in other areas in Nepal, including the Solukhumbu Region. With its wide acceptance and having a composting feature designed into it, we settled on this model. Not only will it improve sanitation, the compost it produces will be used on crops to improve yields, allowing these subsistence farmers to generate cash crops that can be sold to a ready market. Thus begins improved farming methods.

Linda and Don will be going to Nepal in November, 2015 to continue this project by helping to build a multi-stall toilet facility at the monastery just up the hill from Chhulemu in Taksindu. Also, we will meet with the villagers to understand how the toilets and composting have been working out.  Our long term goal is to build the monastery toilet and one for each of the twenty-eight households in Chhulemu. Five have been built so far.

We want to take you along as a volunteer. You would be involved in the construction of the monastery toilet project and you’ll be given an opportunity to lead a class to the villagers on something you have some expertise that would be meaningful to them.

We’d be most grateful if you could help out. Thanks!


*For more information on the EcoSan toilet, please click HERE.

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