2015 Volunteer Treks


Hopefully, by the time you got to this page you’ve heard or read elsewhere on the site that the entire village of Chhulemu, Nepal consisting of 30 homes and a school, was ravaged the second earthquake that occurred on May 12, 2015. Fourteen of the homes and the school administrative offices need to be taken down and rebuilt. The remaining homes need repair and retrofitting to make them earthquake resistant. There was no loss of life and there have been no injuries.

Since the time of its foundation, most of HDF’s work has been and continues to be centered in Chhulemu. Both the village and its residents hold special places in our hearts.

Our current mission is to Rebuild Chhulemu, and we need all the help we can get.

A part of our effort will be to lead three group of volunteers to Chhulemu in October, November, and December, 2015. Those volunteers will be able to assist the carpenters in the rebuilding, but not everyone can or wants to be involved in construction type labor. For them we are asking they take their skills, hobbies, avocations and use them to help villagers in the healing process.

To learn more about the treks, please click here.

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