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Karma Sherpa can be credited in no small way to the birth and flourishing of Himalayan Development Foundation. Karma and and his company, Sherpa Mountain Adventures, both from Superior, Colorado organized the trek Jay and Don went on in 2009. It was Karma who set the tone of that trek and it was through him that Jay and Don arranged a stay in Karma’s village, Chhulemu, doing their first humanitarian work.

Karma also arranged all the following treks taken by HDF’s board members, Jay, Linda, Jesse, and Don. He is our conduit to getting our work done in Chhulemu and the surrounding area. We raise funds for our projects, Karma hires the necessary workers and purchases all supplies, and we pay for all that through him. Neither Karma nor anyone at HDF receive compensation at any point from the raising funds to completion of projects.

Within a day following the first earthquake, Karma and his attorney, Lisa Shellenberger, set up a page on Youcaring.com and began receiving donations from people and organizations who wanted to assist in the immediate rescue and relief efforts in Nepal. Karma enlisted 10-15 family members and close friends on the ground in Kathmandu to assist him. With advice from that team, and on a daily basis, Karma decides where the money will be spent for the greatest needs presenting themselves. Karma then wires the money to a Kathmandu bank to pay for such things as needed food, blankets, tarps, mats to sleep on, and medical supplies.

His team makes the purchases and the distributions. As a stipend for their work, each team member receives payment of $10 per day.

HDF is providing Karma and Lisa’s Youcaring page a conduit through which a donor can make a tax deductible gift. That money is received and immediately deposited to the Youcaring page with acknowledgement given to the donor. HDF then issues a receipt letter for the donor’s records.

It goes without saying that we at Himalayan Development Foundation hold Karma and his team in the highest regard. We trust him without qualification or hesitancy and do recommend him and his Youcaring page as a direct assistance option for your Nepal earthquake donation dollars.

To learn more about the Youcaring site, please click here.

To make a tax deductible gift through HDF, please click here and make your gift on option #2.

Thank you in advance for your kindness, compassion, and generosity.


Don, Jay, Linda, and Jesse
The HDF Board of Directors

Gifts to Karma’s Youcaring site made through HDF:

Himalayan Development Fund    $1000
John and Celia Waterhouse         $500
James Pappas                                $1000
The Greenest Green LLC               $200