In order to continue with the work that we’ve started in Chhulemu, we are organizing two more volunteer treks this fall from October 28 – November 07 and from November 09 – 20. We are seeking volunteers and donations to continue to rebuild Chhulemu. For more information about the volunteer treks, please contact Don Moore, 720-854-9518 or

Please consider making a tax deductible donation to help us fund the Rebuild Chhulemu Project.

2016 Rebuild ChhulemuTreks from Jesse Shoemaker on Vimeo.

The 2015 Volunteer Treks to Chhulemu were a big success! With challenges on the ground such as the Nepal Fuel Embargo we were able to deconstruct 4 homes and rebuild 3. We will continue rebuilding and repairing 4 more homes this spring. On March 22 HDF will be sending more volunteers to continue the work that we have started. We are seeking both volunteers and donations to help us rebuild this majestic village.



2015 Volunteer treks:

HDF Quake Relief- Rebuild Chhulemu- Fall 2015 from Jesse Shoemaker on Vimeo.

The April and May, 2015 earthquakes ravaged village after village, including Chhulemu in Solukhumbu, where 30 families make their living off the land as subsistence farmers. Himalayan Development Foundation (HDF) has done good works in and around Chhulemu and now we’ve taken on the task of rebuilding this village where the extensive damage has forced the villagers out of their homes and into temporary shelters during this summer’s monsoon season.


Beginning in late September, the carpenters HDF has hired will begin the rebuilding process and from late October through early December, volunteers led by HDF will assist those carpenters to rebuild Chhulemu. By the end of 2015 it is HDF’s goal to have every household out of the temporary shelters and back in their earthquake resistant rebuilt homes.

We are seeking a select group of sponsors to help us in our efforts. For years trekkers wearing and sporting outdoor clothes and equipment made and distributed by US companies have enjoyed the unparalleled splendor of the Himalayas and the warm hospitality of the kind and gentle people living there. Consider this opportunity as a way to both give back to our hosts and pay it forward in rebuilding the region we all so love.

12abStep up and raise your hand to be one of those sponsors and tell us how you can be of service.

We have a fundraising goal of $150,000 and any part of that you can fill will be greatly appreciated. Additionally, we can use donated products for an Indiegogo campaign about to be launched and for raffles and auction items.

For more information see, and call or write its president, Don Moore, 720-854-9518,